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Day tour at Punta Sal 

Tela, Honduras



Visit one of the most popular national Park in Honduras :

P.N. Jeannette Kawas or Punta Sal


Day tour Punta Sal


Punta Sal Tela Honduras Days tour at Punta Sal Tela every day


Coco Cabanas offer you the best price in Tela for your day tour at Punta Sal.

Only 28 USD per person

All include

regular price 35 USD



DayTour to Punta Sal  (Jeannette Kawas) in Tela

  • Departure in the morning at 8 a.m.. Return evenings at 16 p.m.
  • By the way we visit 2 native Garifuna village; Tornabe and San Juan.
  • Snorkling, hiking and Bird Watching in the best Tela Bay beach.


You will discover different ecosystems of which the tropical humid forest that spreads itself to the sea, beaches, the mangroves, the rivers, lagoons, canals and reefs and his wildlife. PUNTA SAL at the last century was the place of fews pirates.





Tour Punta Sal Tela


See our special day tour at Punta Izopo and Punta Sal.


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Triunfo de la Cruz

Tela - Honduras

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